POSTOFFICE PLAN: Invest Rs 10,000 Monthly for Rs 16 Lakh Return

For people who want to keep their money safe and sound, they invest in Post Office schemes. Most middle-class Indians like to invest in Post Office schemes because they don’t want to risk their money and invest in the stock market or cryptocurrency. If you want to save money without taking a risk, the India Post has many risk-free savings schemes. For the average middle-class person in India, investing in good schemes with fixed and good interest rates is still one of the most important things to do. To help the people, the government backs the post office.

The Post Office Savings Scheme, or more specifically, the Post Office Recurring Deposit Account, is a great way for you to save money. Fixed Deposits and Savings Accounts at banks are both good ways to save money.

The Post Office Recurring Deposit is a type of deposit that is made again and again.

To keep your money and the interest you earn over time safe, this method is a good choice. It should also be pointed out that the risk is very low, but the returns are still good. If someone wants to invest in something that will make a lot of money by investing small amounts of money over time, they should open a Post Office Recurring Deposit Account.

Interest rates at the Post Office for RD loans

The Post Office RD also gives you better interest rates, so you can get more money. In this scheme, you can start with as little as Rs 100 and there’s no limit on how much you can spend.

There are a lot of people who like this plan because it has an interest rate of 5.8%. This was the most recent rate of interest that the government put out. It was made effective on April 1, 2020. Small savings programmes are set by the government every three months.

Post Office: How do I get Rs 16 million?

To show how well the Recurring Deposit investment works, think about this: When the current interest rate is 5.8%, if you invest Rs 10,000 every month, that money will grow over the next 10 years and give you about Rs 16 lakh in cash. The compound interest is calculated every quarter, which makes it very effective because it helps investors make money on a regular basis.

The features of the Post Office RD can be found here

Every month, you have to pay one percent of your money back if you don’t pay or don’t come in on time. If you don’t pay for four months in a row, your account will be closed. However, you can still get the account back within two months of when it was defaulted, but if you don’t, it will be closed for good.

There is also the Post Office RD, which stands for Post Office Recurring Deposit, which allows applicants to take out 50 percent of their deposit balance a year after the account was opened. This is a good thing to know.